Uncategorized Trust vs. Blind Faith

Trust vs. Blind Faith

Parents, teachers, students, and the Jefferson County community should trust their Board of Education to do the right thing, but it should not be a matter of blind faith. There should be transparency and accountability.

In West Virginia Code, West Virginia Boards of Education are required each year to assess their own performance under Section 18-5-1c, in three specific areas: “Dealing with its various constituency groups and with the general public; Providing a proper framework and the governance strategies necessary to monitor and approve student achievement on a continuing basis; and, Enhancing the effective utilization of the policy approach to governance.”

Moreover, West Virginia Code states, “At the conclusion of the evaluation, the county board shall make available to the public a summary of the evaluation, including areas in which the board concludes improvement is warranted.”

I am unaware of this requirement being met. I find nothing on the Jefferson County School’s website sharing the required annual self-evaluation with the public, including areas of needed improvement.

As a member of the Board of Education, my expectation will be that the required annual self-evaluation will be completed and shared with the public.