Campaign Announcements Pete Dougherty Supports Watkins for School Board

Pete Dougherty Supports Watkins for School Board

I am honored to share this message of support from Pete Dougherty, former member of the Jefferson County School Board and now serving as Sheriff of Jefferson County:

I have known you for 35 years. You have been a person who has genuine respect for all persons and one who believes that in our society we need to help people, especially young children become successful. A couple of years ago you expressed an interest in continuing your service to our community and our children. I encouraged you to stand for your principles and run for what then was an open seat. The race is crowded and while there are others running and most are good people I believe you are running for the right reasons to take the long view so that years later you and all of us will know that the children, staff and taxpayers made a wise investment in supporting you. I had the opportunity to serve on the board and know it is challenging to meet the often competing and diverse needs. You are an excellent choice and hope the good citizens of Jefferson County will give you an opportunity to serve.

Pete Dougherty