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Trust vs. Blind Faith

Parents, teachers, students, and the Jefferson County community should trust their Board of Education to do the right thing, but it should not be a matter of blind faith. There should be transparency and accountability. In West Virginia Code, West Virginia Boards of Education are required each
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Community Matters!

A tip of the hat this day to Town Run Tap House and Community Pub in Shepherdstown! It was the collection point for donations of food for school children. It took two cars and a truck to move the generous community offerings to distribution points. In the evening, it was also the setting for a
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Empty Field of Dreams

And, it came to pass, that four Jefferson County School Board members were photographed standing in an empty field. In a newspaper interview today, I was asked for my reaction to the acquisition of 100 acres outside of Shepherdstown for future schools. I responded that it was a welcome
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New Leadership = New Ideas

I appreciated the opportunity to speak with The Journal about our “New Leadership = New Ideas” campaign. The only point of clarification I would make is that I said after a decade the land has finally been acquired to accommodate some 6 new schools, not that it would take 6 years to
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